The beginning, the passion, a digital platform...

In 2013 Vladimir Grudzinski developed his first start-up, Reezocar, that revolutionized the used car market by not having any stock, defending buyers rights (a very big first !) through having millions of want-ads on a single platform and securing the buy with a catalogue of services.

In 2017 a realization

He realized that on one hand many cars are sold outside of classical sale circuits such as want-ads and auction houses, and that his clients asked regularly for cars outside the market,that are not posted for weeks on end on the web.

On the other hand, interested in new technology and the client experience, he realized that no other website offered a 360° experience : content, help with collection maintenance, and a sales/buying help tool. The Carjager concept was born.

In 2018 people and ideas

These ideas are crucial, but to develop a startup is first a story of the people who developed it. Very fast he turned towards his friend and lawyer Luc Bousquet, (those two have known each other for a very long time) and with whom he collaborated on the legal part on his first adventure. Passionate about cars and motorcycles with a diploma from Edhec and as a lawyer at the Bar of Paris, Luc is the perfect associate to bring structure and rigor in the execution of this ambitious project.

The team and the B2B focus

The first chapter of Carjager is the development of tools dedicated to the markets professionals (galeries, independent dealers, brokers and artisans) via an application for smartphones and then on the web.

In the next few months after roadshows, trade shows (Retromobile, Essen Techno Classica,Mans Classic, Epoqu'auto, Brescia, Brussels Interclassics) and many handshakes later, more than 400 professionals signed up on the network and the first transactions commenced.

2019, “Boitier Rouge” for amateur fun

Carjager has the set idea to open its vision to amateurs and collectors.

For over 5 years Vladimir (who fully joined the team in 2019) has known Paul Clément-Collin a strange author of original articles about unusual cars. His creation was called “Boitier Rouge".

Paul, a true stakhanoviste like writer, rummaged around, got informed and made this blog. That became, by its sheer quality, a Media source of its own. With 30 articles per day read by more than 250,000 monthly readers.

Paul is an artist, he creates marvelously well, but did not have the time to develop his media and alone the road seemed very long. Carjager has a race worthy team but needs content to adresse the biggest number of amateurs. The marriage is meant to be and was consumed in January 2019.


Confidentiality and security

Carjager and its collaborators are held to a drastic confidentiality commitment. Whether it is about the data of securized members or the buying/selling files, everything is kept under the lock and key of professional secret.

Expertise and innovation

Carjager is the alliance of automobile knowledge for optimal advice and computer science excellence for the ultimate navigation experience and the optimal security of members data.

People and Heritage

Carjager is dedicated to getting automobile heritage a little more known to the initiated and introduced to the philistines. You will find carjager in most sport car events and tradeshows dedicated to collection cars.


Carjager an alliance of automobile expertise and IT excellence.


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & COO

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