Ferrari F355 GTS film: the ultimate evolution of Pininfarina’s styling of the 80’s

Published on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.
Updated on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

In 1994, Ferrari introduced the heiress of its inelegant 348 model, with a design at first glance apparently close and yet largely modernised, both in terms of style and performance. With its new Pininfarina design, the F355 became the culmination of the whole line of ‘berlinetta’ from Maranello, combining efficiency, versatility and class.

Discover the Ferrari F355 GTS in video

(The film is in French but English subtitles are available)

If in general the lines of the F355 were strongly reminiscent of those of the 348, this new berlinetta abandoned the style of the 1980s, attributable to the Testarossa, for a more fluid design, benefiting from wind tunnel development and technology borrowed from Formula 1 (including flat bottom generated downforce).

As for the engine, the V8, dating originally from the 1970s, evolved into a 3.5-litre with 5 valves per cylindre, producing 380 bhp and giving the F355 exceptional performance for its time, while remaining much more accessible than the 348, which was less powerful by 40 to 60 horsepower, depending on which version.

Today, the F355 is an iconic model of the 90s, a YoungTimer more seductive, safer and more modern than the 348, which retains an endearing look that got lost with the 360 Modena. 

Discover our video of the road test of a GTS (targa) model from 1997. Happy viewing.

Caractéristiques techniques


Ferrari F355 GTS

1994 - 1999


Engine V8 à 90°, 5 soupapes par cylindres, central arrière
Cubic capacity 3 496 cc
Alimentation Injection électronique Bosch Motronic
Engine power 380 ch à 8 200 trs/min
Engine torque 360 Nm à 3 800 trs/min


Length 4 249 mm
Width 1 900 mm
Height 1 171 mm
Weight 1 430 kg


Drive wheels Arrière
Gearbox BVM 6 rapports ou séquentielle 6 rapports (F1)


Maximum speed 290 km/h, 0 à 100 km/h en 5.3 secondes
0-100 km/h
Total production 11 273 ex (tous modèles confondus)


Average price (LVA) 80 000 à 90 000 euros

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