The Triumph TR6 of Bernard: a young lieutenants tigress

Published on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.
Updated on Friday, August 30, 2019.

Often ones first sports car mixes two ambitions : to please oneself and to seduce. Bernards love story with his first TR6 bought with the first paychecks of the young lieutenant is proof that cars, youth, carefreeness, and love are linked:

“If you are asked to describe a tigress the following adjectives will immediately come to your mind : splendid, roaring, flexible, powerful, wild, carefree and rebellious. The TR6 is exactly that and I will explain to you why:

I was a young officer just out of school with finally some money on the account, as a real spender and obsessed with seducing women, I rapidly went hunting for a sports car. I hoped for an English one to satisfy my snobby side and my over dimensioned ego and that is without mentioning the rest…I went tracking obsessively for a diamond in the rough in the wilds of specialized newspapers and finally I saw it. Short of breath I called the seller. He grilled me on my age and kilometers I have driven to judge my qualities and experience as a driver.

He finally gave me an appointment and showed me rapidly the wild game I was so wanting: I remember my childlike and shameless excitement in front of this dreamlike prey that made him say “ Hold your horses young man this isn’t a Simca 1000 but a TR!!!” How to stay indifferent in the face of such beauty!!! When I saw it my gaze went a blaze and my hunting instinct convinced me that it was mine even if I hadn’t yet tried to negotiate its price. The mass had been said, I was going to leave with this exceptional trophy.

Its dark blue bodywork was very healthy, clean and shiny. It was short in the back like a young virgin and showed in opposition a long and elegantly rounded hood like an old fashioned fighter plane. This all pleased the passionate adventurer and airplane fan that I was.This impression was confirmed when I sat down perfectly snug in the small cabin discovering across from me a dashboard made of precious wood with multiple dials and finally what an exaltation it was to hear the flat in-line six-cylinder roar and hum with the delicious scent of gas and hot oil. I was literally spellbound by this sudden impression of being the pilot I had dreamed of becoming.

After taking the roof down on the beast we finally went driving through the countryside and then completely euphoric, I didn’t get tired of the purr of the feline amplified by its echo in the streets of the villages we crossed. I even over-pushed the overdrive for the singular pleasure of making it bellow under my expert fingers. I would arrogantly and playfully scare the passersby, even driving slowly its road handling seemed hazardous and its gears rebellious. In other words it is as if this wild and naughty beast wanted to escape my control. Each tiny road mistake was enough for it to shake me like a fruit tree for harvest! This is a car that does not forgive the slightlest moment of inattention. This is no sissys car I am telling you!!!
I kept this 4 years before having any kind of serious mechanical trouble. I remember most of all its elegant and distinguished line that left nobody indifferent.

And then the lieutenant became captain and thus becoming wiser and sold his tigress to buy a cabriolet DS that some called “the captains unicorn”, but that is another story…

Now recluded to my loved Bourgogne region, I meditate, I hunt and go fishing and sometimes the temptation to get a new TR6 gets hold of me in a nostalgia of strong sensations: what a pleasure it would be again to be at the wheel of this ravishing predator exhaling its slight and penetrating gasoline smell in my own region where we are superstitious and sensitive to all appearances that reason only cannot comprehend. I do not doubt that holding on tight to its capricious wheel,I will feel once more the bewitchment of its uncomparable roars.”

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