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Published on Monday, February 4, 2019.
Updated on Friday, April 5, 2019.

Launched in 2014, the AMG GT S is definitely a powerful car but less spectacular. However, she is a genuine alternative with a different philosophy, compared to Porsche 911, all the while prevailing an older line, than what it seemed.

With the Mercedes 300 SL of the 50’s, claimed by Max Hoffman, Mercedes-Benz importer in USA, the German firm offered the equivalent of a supercar those days, encouraged by commitment to competition. Unfortunately, the Mans accident in 1955, with 84 deaths on top of everything, discouraged the star brand for many years…From then on, the heirs of the 190/300 SL duo were cars made for cruiser, aimed at a bourgeoise clientele with a well-established line, whether it was the Pagode, the R107 or the R129.


Once back in the competition during late 90’s and mainly in F1, Mercedes once again questioned the real sports cars of its range. Partnerships with McLaren on one hand, with AMG on the other, who turned into a subsidiary in 1999, led to new exceptional cars: firstly the SLS Mercedes, produced in Woking at McLaren (and an AMG engine) then the SLR, an almost neo-retro innovation of the V8 atmospheric engine of 6.2 liters and almost 571 horsepower (in its base version).

Porsche 911 in the sights

With the AMG GT and its more powerful range, the S, Mercedes gave up the niche of hyper exclusiveness and came back to the one of GT sports cars, which were more accessible, rival of the Porsche 911. Paradoxically speaking, one is less forgiving with a car which isn’t expensive or as exclusive: Mercedes and AMG therefore needed to be perfect.

So long atmo, make room for turbos…A V8 Biturbo of 510 horsepower for the GT S models, less powerful than her predecessor, lighter and much more vigorous. Discover the video trial of this AMG GTS with CarJager.

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