Video Trial : Citroën SM

Published on Monday, March 18, 2019.
Updated on Friday, April 5, 2019.

The French are proud of the Citroën SM, despite her relative commercial failure (with only 6 years of existence and 12 920 models produced). Her mind-blowing line, signed Robert Opron, hydraulic suspension, her V6 Maserati engine due to the wizard Giorgio Alfieri, everything was made in such a way, that one could only fall for her. If Citroen hadn’t gone through its closing in the American market at the same time (due to new norms, forcing to rethink the  suspension of the French flagship), the major financial losses of the rotary piston engine (with Comotor, M35 and GS Birotor), Michelin’s willingness to let go off the deal and on top of everything else, the petrol crisis in 1973, surely the future of SM would have been different.

With Citroen’s takeover by Peugeot in 1974, the SM’s future was sealed, to such an extent that its production was outsourced to Ligier until her end in 1975. The Maserati brand was dumped to the Italian state and the idea of a range drawn out by the offers of Charon (Opera sedan, the cabriolet Mylord) given up for the CX released in 1974, generator of volumes and a 604 became high end for the new range, at the PSA group.

Despite this, the SM always remained in the hearts of the French. Of course, its design but also its presence for more than 50 years in the garages of the Elysee, as the pageantry car, thanks to the two presidential SMs, ordered by Georges Pompidou, had a lot to embody the 70’s. Despite a technically complex reputation, the SM isn’t the monster that many garage owners wished to believe. It had been a while since she had been “reliable” even improved as the works of Georges Regembeau proved on the V6, endowing the latter with more horsepower (not to mention the amazing diesel versions, signed RG).

Rediscover the atmosphere of the 80’s in almost identical conditions at the SM launching in the undergrowth of 1970, thanks to our video report: fall back into childhood and who knows, let yourself get tempted by Her Majesty.


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