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Carjager gives an unprecedented digital experience, by putting you in a virtual-like cockpit. Come live your passion through a unique website!

Carjager has the ambition to become THE-Reference-Point-Collection-Car-Interface by giving innovative services to facilitate and simplify amateur car-lovers lives, while respecting their privacy.

What’s Carjager ? It’s…

  • Content : you can read through more than a 100 years of car history through original but expert articles;
  • Community : by joining Carjager, you will enter a community of people who are passionate about cars. Thousands of car enthusiast members and hundreds professionals with whom to exchange knowledge and information.
  • An Innovative tool: Choose Carjager as a privileged partner for your projects to buy and sell. Find a car that has not been listed on internet for months and/or sell your own automobile in a secure and fast way.


The automobile industry has a passion filled history that began in Europe over 100 years ago. It is a kaleidoscope of human and industrial interpretations which each brought their own cornerstone to best conquer the road.

CarJager and “Boitier Rouge” give you a vaste online-car-library with new original content each day.

Boîtier Rouge

Through videos, guides and sector specific news, you get the best of this fabulous both sporty and industrial saga.


Tell us about your car, tell us about yourselves!

Car passion should be shared, passed on and lived fully. Each car enthusiast has their own story, point of view, tastes and ways to share with their entourage. This is the very fabric that makes up the automobile-world-heritages rich diversity.

Classic & Sports Car

This is why, Carjager, in partnership with “Classic and Sports Cars” gives you the opportunity to make automobile history, by appearing with your car in the magazine and on our website.

Come participate in our contest by describing your car or cars. Each month one of them will be selected at random!


The collection car market is unique, totally different from the regular used car market, we estimate 50% of such cars are sold outside of the regular market, which means outside of want-ads and auction houses.


This market is made up of people who are passionate about collection cars and whom are driven by opportunity, to collect one or several cars.

If some are truly set on selling their cars through the classical venues such as want ads or trusting their cars to auction houses, most are sellers without actually putting their car on sale, they are quietly paying attention to the market.

Several thousand professionals (galleries, independent merchants, brokers and artisans) have a network of clients, do car maintenance themselves and know exactly who owns what and who is ready to sell what.

This is why Carjager :

  • Has created a powerful network composed of more than 450 European professionals and growing,
  • Created with you, a community of car enthusiasts, giving you the opportunity to access it, to find the car you are looking for and which is not necessarily on the market when you want it.

Carjager is at your side during the whole research process and throughout the sale to help you with all the exchanges involved.

The Carjager team will often share with you it’s new innovations so that you can live your automobile passion within the boundaries of the 21st century.


  • I am looking for a collector car

    The collector car market is unique and very different from the second-hand car market is unique: 50% of collector cars are sold off-market, ie apart from classifieds ads and auction houses.

    With a network of +450 professionals and thousands of car enthusiasts, CarJager is able to exhaustively probe this invisible part of the market to help you find your car. A team of specialized brokers will accompany you throughout your purchase project to help you make the best choice.

    Learn more about CarJager Buying Service

  • I want to sell my collector car

    Selling your collector car through traditional players (classifieds, auctions, professional trade off) is a tedious task that guarantees neither the sale price nor the security of the transaction.

    CarJager has developed two services to help you easily complete your sales project in a clear and secure environment.

    • the "Assisted Sale" to sell your car at the best price and without taking care of it
    • the "Immediate Sale" for those in a hurry wishing to sell their car quickly

    Learn more about CarJager selling services

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WIN a PHOTOSHOOT for you car

Every month we randomly select one of the participants, who win a professional photoshoot for his/her car.

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