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Carjager offers 2 services to best sell your collector car : the "Assisted sales" to sell at the best price and the "Immediate Sale" for those in a hurry.


Carjager gives you an all inclusive solution that takes care of your sale from A to Z. In this way you can sell it at the best price, in a secure way all the while keeping it at your house during the sale process. See the detail of the service. `

Until now which options were open to me if I wanted to sell my collector car?

Today there are 3 traditional ways to sell my car.

  • The want-ad websites:

    lhe process is tedious, and you expose yourself to all sorts of scams. In addition, going through all the external sollicitations (phone calls, and physical appointments) makes the task even more time consuming.
  • The auction houses :

    the sales fees are high (between 20 and 30%), the sale as well as the price aren’t guaranteed, plus the risk of discrediting the car on the market.
  • The immediate sale to a professional :

    even though this is a fast and simple solution, the sales price will necessarily be much lower than the market (20%).

It was thus to respond to a need that didn’t yet have an adapted solution that Carjager developed the “Assisted Sale”, a new alternative for a simplified, secured sale at the best possible price.

The “Assisted sales" how does it work?

Carjager enhances your collector car. by :

  • suggesting a coherent sales price to sell it faster,
  • mandating one of its expert partners for an objective assessment,
  • commissioning a professional photographer to produce a complete portfolio.

Carjager facilitates the notice of sale of your car. by :

  • writing a structured and detailed ad
  • responding to phone calls, question from the potential buyers as well as filtering serious interests,
  • organising, depending on your agenda, the presentation of the car by yourself. 1.

Carjager secures your collector cars transaction. by :

  • guaranteeing your car against mechanical failures for a minimum of 3 mounths,
  • securing the payment between you and the buyer,
  • managing the administrative part of the buy.

How much does the Assisted Sale cost?

Our service includes :

Wash / car polishing

From € 99 VAT included 2

Photo shoot

€ 150 VAT included 3

Expert assessment

Between € 189 to € 249 VAT included 4

Writing and posting ads online

€ 120 VAT included

Mechanical warranty

From € 298,75 VAT included 5


3% TTC du prix de vente 5
(start from 600€ VAT included)

Those are obligatory points in order to maximise the chance of a car sale in a minimum amount of time and at an optimal price.

Examples and simulations

You will find prices examples of this service for different models of cars below. To obtain a personalized estimate fill out this form.

Citroën Méhari 4x4
at 20 000€
Citroën Méhari
1 200 VAT included
(6% of the sale price)
Porsche 964
at 50 000€
Porsche 964
2 100 VAT included
(4.2% of the sale price)
Jaguar Type-E 4.2
at 130 000€
Jaguar Type E 4.2 Cabriolet
3 800 VAT included
(2.9% of the sale price)
Ferrari Daytona
at 700 000€
 Ferrari Daytona
15 000 VAT included
(2.1% of the sale price)


If you are particularly in a rush or you just want a quick sale, Carjager has a free “immediate sale” service.

How does the immediate sale work ?

After receiving your estimate request, our broker team will analyse your sales project to confirm its coherence. We will then contact you to get your car full documentation and to validate together the sales terms. Once the complete project documentation has been received, the dedicated broker will find potential buyers and present them to you.

How much does the “immediate sale” cost?

The service is free. If the sale goes through you will be the one to receive the money, the commission is carried by the buyer.

What is the difference between the “immediate sale” and the “assisted sale”?

The assisted sale is the more complete sales service thanks to which you will sell your car at the right price.

The “immediate sale” does not include all the services included in the “assisted sale” and has been developed in the case of the need for a quick sale. In an “immediate sale” Carjager only takes care of rapidly finding a buyer and thus the sale price is not guaranteed to be optimal.

For all questions relative to these services, please contact us by email at or by phone at +33 1 76 24 17 50.

  • 1 If you cannot present your car or if you don’t want to, please specify this. We have personalized solutions available upon estimate.
  • 2 Car washing. Optional on condition that your car is perfectly clean in and out.
  • 3 Photo shoot. Optional service on condition that the pictures are professional and exhaustive.
  • 4 Expert assessment. Optional service if you already have a complete and official report less than 6 months old.
  • 5 The guarantee and commission are only billed in the case of a sale.

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