Our services

CarJager is the digital market player that allows you to buy and sell cars remotely, without going anywhere, and in complete security.

Expertise / Inspection

One of our specialists will go on-site to check your car before the purchase and provide a complete and impartial report before you confirm your purchase.

With hundreds of partnering with car specialists in Europe, CarJager can send an expert or a car specialist to inspect the car on site and check its overall condition (bodywork, paintwork, upholstery, mechanics). If possible, they will conduct a road test and check the constitency of all the documents. Service and price vary according to the car's value, rarity, and nature of the service.

. We ask all our partners to inspect cars on a hydraulic ramp (when possible) and conduct a test drive. We recommend the buyer always send an expert/specialist before purchasing a vehicle for the best customer experience.


Don't waste time; sit back, enjoy the ride, and we'll deliver your car!

CarJager provides the most comfortable and safest delivery method for you and your car - single delivery on closed or open truck, you decide!


In France, CarJager partners with the FFVE and is approved by the SIV (Ministry of the Interior).

CarJager will help register your car to relieve the administrative burden and speed up your vehicle registration documents.

Secure paiement

To completely secure payment for both the seller and buyer, CarJager provides an escrow account to which the amount is transferred before pick-up.

Once the seller and the buyer agree, the amount is immediately transferred to the seller's account

Mechanical Warranty (6-months included)

Get to know your car in complete peace of mind with a 6-month mechanical guarantee included!

70% of damages occur within 6 months after a change of ownership. CarJager guarantees all cars sold for 6 months minimum with the number one European mechanical breakdown guarantee product for vintage and supercars.

Which cars are concerned?
All cars sold with CarJager are covered by a 6-month warranty included with a possible 12-month extension
No power limits
Subscription rates
Coverage duration6 mois
Coverage celling€2,500
Coverage duration12 mois monthly payments possible
Coverage celling€5,000
Coverage duration12 mois monthly payments possible
Coverage celling€10,000

Satisfied or refunded

Have you bought a supercar or a classic car with CarJager?

Secure the remote purchase of a car with CarJager's satisfied or refunded service.

What coverage?

Purchase the car within 30 days at the purchase price.

(cost of registration certificate taxes included)

Services reimbursement

(excluding price of Satisfied or Refunded)

Price incl. tax


of the selling price
of the car
(min. 1000€ incl. tax)

Immediate purchase

You want to sell your car but :

  • You are in a hurry, and you don't have time to waste,
  • You don't want to deal with it at all.

Then immediate purchase is for you:

  • You send CarJager your car's information and documents,
  • A broker will answer you if the model is interesting for our stock and will give you a first price estimation,
  • Once you pass the technical inspection, an expert comes to check the car,
  • You receive the car's agreed price, and we send a carrier to pick it up
It's simple, fast, and secure.

If you need financing or road insurance please contact us by email at services@carjager.com.